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Monday, February 24, 2020
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In chains?

Pharaoh Neco put Jehoahaz in prison at Riblah in the land of Hamath to prevent him from ruling in Jerusalem. He also demanded that Judah pay 7,500 pounds of silver and 75 pounds of gold as tribute - 2 Kings 23:33.
Jehoahaz means Jehovah his sustainer or he whom Jehovah holds. Hamath means fortress. How or why will someone being sustained by God, held by God end up in chains in a fortress.
In 2 kings 23, Pharaoh asked Jehoahaz for 7,500 pounds of silver and 75 pounds of gold ($1,931,525). A demand he was not able to pay was placed on him. In order words he was subdued, overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem he was facing.
Again, I observed all the oppression that takes place under the sun. I saw the tears of the oppressed, with no one to comfort them. The oppressors have great power, and their victims are helpless. – (Ecclesiastes 4:1).
Only the angels which left their assignments in rebellion are kept in everlasting chains under judgement.
Jehoahaz, sustained by God, died in chains and captivity. Sin is the greatest captor with the ability to hold man into everlasting pains in hell and the lake of fire.
Only a stronger force can deliver from sin, judgement and hell.
Jesus, the son of the living God, went to hell and conquered death and hell, rose victorious from the dead, so that you, believing in Him, by His power, breaks the hold of sin over your life and can deliver you from any chain or bondage into the everlasting liberty of the sons of God.
As you call on Him in faith, He will not despise your words. God says you should call on Him and He will deliver you and show you great and mighty things you do not yet know.
He can grant you the power to live above sin, have your name written in the book of life, so that here and in the life after now, you are guaranteed eternal life; free from fear, because you walk in the perfect love of the Father. Since you will not fear, oppression will be far from you and terror will not come near you.
Jehoahaz, being held by God, refused to repent or cry out to God for deliverance and restoration like Manasseh his great grandfather did and he lost out.
As long as there is life, there is hope, a living dog is better than a dead lion.
Cry out to God today for deliverance from any and all chains and holds of the devil, break every negative covenant and manifestations by the blood of Jesus and declare the Lordship of Jesus over your life, family and destiny; in Jesus mighty name!
According to Colossians 1:13, may the God who has delivered you from the power of darkness and translated you into the glorious kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, a kingdom of joy, peace and liberty, be with you, help, you, deliver you completely and put Satan and his works under your feet; in Jesus mighty name!
Have a blessed week!