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God's Solution Sanctuary
Friday, February 21, 2020
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These turn of events...

Things are always changing. Circumstances never remain the same. The Economists describe a position of peace, equilibrium or sustainability as ceteris paribus. But we know that things are always in a constant flux, a state of mutatis mutandis.
No matter what is happening, by a turn of events, things can work well for you; lines can fall in pleasant places for you and your loved ones. I prophesy that events will turn in your favor; things will work well for you; in Jesus mighty name! Amen.
In 1st Kings 12; Rehoboam King of Judah, Solomon’s son was about going to war against the new King of Israel, Jeroboam. God warned him against it and declared that the turn of events was by His doing to fulfill the prophecy and declaration made concerning Jeroboam and Israel.
Note the words, these turn of events…May these turn of events in your life turn things in your favor. May whatever turn of events you are going through turn to testimonies for you and your loved ones; in Jesus mighty name; Amen! And Amen!!! May you fulfill prophecy and positive declarations concerning your destiny!! in Jesus' victorious name!!
'And it shall turn to you for a testimony'.... (Luke 21:13).