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Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Positive or negative growth

To grow means to increase or be enlarged in capacity, knowledge, ability, accomplishments, impact, influence, wisdom etc. God wants you to grow. There is positive growth and negative growth. Positive growth leads to advancement in health, wealth, wisdom, favour etc; while negative growth leads to losses. You will only experience positive growth in Jesus mighty name.
Growth can be natural or supernatural, easy or difficult. Natural growth occurs as ordained by God. You plant seeds and given the right conditions they will grow. You work in a progressive office, given the right conditions and excellent work attitudes you will be promoted. Supernatural promotion on the other hand is what happens when God intervenes in your situation. When a prisoner like Joseph is brought out of prison to serve the King of the land - Pharoah, and instead of continuing to serve as a pardoned or freed slave or prisoner; Joseph was made the Prime Minister of the land, supernatural growth is at work (Genesis 41:39-44). When a civilian with no military training becomes an Army General, because of God's intervention, the supernatural is at work (1 Samuel 18:5). May the supernatural power of God, work in your life, family and destiny; in Jesus mighty name! Amen.
Growth may be easy, but sometimes difficult. The christian faith is growing in China and amongst persecuted christians despite difficulties in meeting for fellowship. Some meet in underground churches. In Somalia, there are no churches in the predominantly muslim nation. In Egypt, churches of the minority christians are being burnt. Despite the persecution, the faith and knowledge of God is growing and will yet increase all over the earth as the waters cover the sea. 
Lastly, the positive and negative may grow together, like the wheat and tares. It does not mean God is not working. He is working in your life, career, family and destiny and He will perfect all that concerns you; in Jesus mighty name! Amen. It will come to pass that the tares will be burnt and only the positive will endure!


Pray on the above and that negative growth will be consumed by the fire of God in all its ramifications. Only positive, supernatural growth will endure in your life, family, community and nation; in Jesus mighty name! Amen