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Friday, June 21, 2024
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Handcuff Your Jonadab!


Handcuff Your Jonadab!


§        In 2 Samuel 13:5, Jonadab, Amnon’s trusted adviser gave him counsel on how to rape his beautiful sister Tamar.


§        Later, in verse 32, Jonadab (J or J’s) was the person narrating to David, Amnon’s dad, why his son died.


§        I pray for you that your Jonadab will be disappointed! He/she will fall into the pits they have dug for you in Jesus name!


§        J means Yahweh propels, someone God moves to accomplish His purposes, but has allowed him / her to be used as wicked agents of the devil.


§        They sometimes have a good, respected background but their acts are disproportionate or not concomitant with their background and expected right actions.


§        J’s advice led to an innocent helpful lady losing her place of destiny in being preserved and settled in a good home.


§        Bible says she was devastated, desolate, in continuous desolation and depressed i.e.  abandoned, lonely, forsaken and unfulfilled in her brothers house.


§        The end result of J’s activities is to leave individuals, families and communities in a state of shame, depression and continuous desolation.


§        May whatever wants to make you desolate be destroyed completely in Jesus name.


§         May plans of desolation for you, your family, ministry and destiny be uprooted from the root, consumed by fire and completely destroyed in Jesus name.


§        Through that counsel abomination took place. A young man Amnon lost his life and Absalom was exiled for 3 years.


§        May every plan to exile you from your place of fulfillment fail in Jesus name!


§        I cut short every plan to cut you short in Jesus name. The Spirit of Jonadab shall die!


§        These are forces, spirits and people who counsel and mislead you into trouble, cause things to go wrong for you, your family members, work, career, and destiny; and later come to analyze the situation for you and other onlookers, proffering reasons and analyses of why things are happening the way they are.


§        The spirit of Jonadab  shall fail, unfriendly friends shall be  disgraced, silenced and destroyed in Jesus name and even better may they not be able to come near you, where they are already close to you may their hands not be able to  fulfill their enterprise in Jesus mighty name! Amen!! and Amen!!! and Amen in Jesus mighty name! Amen!


§        To an unsuspecting onlooker, Jonadab is a good and caring friend of yours, but to a deep spiritual and sensitive watcher J has dug and is still digging a pit for you and is trying to push you into it.


§        Beware of the J’s, avoid them, reject their counsel.


§        From John Maxwell’s law of attraction like attracts like. Birds of the same feather flock together to repel J you must not be like or have the same attitude, nature and character of J. If J’s are attracted to you, are comfortable and discuss regularly with you check yourself.


§        In 2 Samuel 20:1-2, Sheba the son of Bikri committed treason against King David i.e. he lifted up his hand against the king, betraying the king. Jonadab’s betray your trust.


§        In 2 Samuel 20: 9-10 you’ll notice that Joab murdered Amasa his cousin while pretending he wanted to kiss him – a kiss is normally a show of love, care and affection. This J kiss was a kiss of envy. Similar to how Cassius and Brutus murdered Julius Caesar. Kisses of the enemy are deceitful and can be destructive.


§        From 2 Samuel 17:14, just as God defeated the counsel of the traitor and betrayer – Ahitophel;


§        May God defeat the counsel and plans of J concerning you and your loved ones in Jesus name! Just as Ahitophel hanged himself - using his own hands to destroy himself - in 2 Samuel 17:23, so shall your enemies and satanic counsellors destroy themselves by their own hands in Jesus mighty name! Amen, Amen!! and Amen!!! in Jesus name!


     §        May God shield you from the Js and their cohorts in Jesus name!


§        You must deal with your J or your J will deal with you.


 How do you handcuff or render your Jonadab inoperative and unable to harm you and your loved ones?


1.     Express your problems directly to God or genuine men of God like Hannah, men  who will be a part of the solution and not compound the problem (1 Samuel 1:15-17).

2.     Discern your Jonadab – identify them by the Spirit of God. It may be a shocking revelation to you. Allow God open your eyes in the place of prayer and studying the Word of God.

3.     Ensure the counsel you have received is in line with Gods words before acting on them. Amnon could have asked: Does the Word of God supports Jonadab’s counsel? – which chapter and verse?

4.     Follow God's Word and fulfill your vows to Him. God will teach you how to avoid or render Jonadab’s unsuccessful.

5.     As you pray, God will expose your Jonadab and grant you victory.


§        You must defeat the counsel of J and may you come out victorious in Jesus name!


§        A woman pleaded guilty in a Barrie court to 11 counts of drugging and assaulting children with her former boyfriend. He was no longer her current boyfriend. Those who lead you to sin will usually abandon you when you get into trouble or when the repercussions start streaming in. They may even deny ever giving you the counsel that put you into trouble.


§        Amnon died, Jonadab lived to tell the story. You will not be cut off or cut short before your time in Jesus name.


§        Handcuff your J otherwise your J may handcuff and destroy you and your posterity. Due to J's activities, David and Amnon's mum lost a son, their son was murdered. An innocent lady was defiled and rendered desolate i.e thrown into depression, David’s family went on the run.



1.     Lord, open my eyes to know the Jonadab’s around me in Jesus name.

2.     Father, expose all Jonadab’s around me and render them powerless in Jesus name.

3.     I destroy every counsel of the Jonadab spirit concerning my life and destiny in Jesus name!

4.     My body, soul and spirit reject the Jonadab counsel in Jesus name!

5.     I prevail over every opposition in Jesus name.

6.     I will live and not die and declare the good works of the Lord in the land of the living in Jesus mighty name.

7.     Father, my life will not be cut short in the name of Jesus

8.     Every Jonadab spirit planning to bring me down, fail in Jesus name!

9.     Everyone digging a pit for me, fall into your pit, shame will be your portion in Jesus name.

10.  Promotion, lifting, establishment and greatness is my portion in Jesus name.

11.   I recover my glory, wealth, promotion, honour confiscated by evil powers in Jesus mighty name.

12.   I overcome every agenda of the wicked by the blood of Jesus.

13.   It wasn’t until 2 years later after Jonadab planted his evil counsel that Amnon was destroyed. I destroy every planting of Jonadab’s against my life, work, career, finances, and destiny in Jesus name. I consume their seeds by fire! In Jesus name!

14.   Father, let there be a recovery of everything I have lost from the activities of the Jonadab’s in Jesus mighty name! Amen! Amen and Amen!!! In Jesus mighty name! Amen.