Church meetings have been suspended due to government advisories on COVID-19. Remember: • Wash hands regularly. Use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible. • Self-isolate. As a reminder, stay home if you’re not feeling well. Call your medical provider if your symptoms are consistent with the COVID-19 virus. • Do not touch (hug, shake hands, etc.) others. • Practice physical (social) distancing by staying approximately six feet from another person. Use the prayers for the month and other materials on the website. Keep safe and God keep you in Jesus name.
God's Solution Sanctuary
Thursday, April 09, 2020
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Destined to Reign

We go through challenges and difficulties on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes, we feel overwhelmed, we are sometimes tempted to give up, give in or throw in the towel. Don't!. I read a wondeful verse of scripture today I would like to share with you. In Revelations 3:21, Jesus challenges us to stay in faith, stay with Him, because to that person who overcomes all of lives challenges; and temptations of the enemy, Jesus will make that one to sit with Him on His throne, even as Jesus overcame and He is seated with His Father on His throne. Guess what? you are more than a conqueror, an overcomer, through Him - Jesus - who died for you, and gave Himself for you. Hold on, hold out, because at the end of it all, by God's grace, you will reign with Him. Amen!