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God's Solution Sanctuary
Monday, February 24, 2020
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Is your ally with you?

An ally is a friend, a partner and a helper. In impossible, difficult or challenging situations; situations you cannot handle yourself, it is instructive to find out if your ally is still with you. A certain strongman, named Samson; who had never lost any battle, went out to fight, without checking if his powerful ally was still with him. He lost the battle.
A man named Richard, on death row, in eastern Congo - Bukavu; was spared from death and released based on a word from God.
A prisoners’ ally ensured he moved out of prison to become the prime minister. In the most populous country in Africa, a retired army general imprisoned by the government of the day, came out of prison to become the president. God did it for Joseph. He will do it for you. Our God, the commander of all hosts – forces – in heaven and on earth can locate you; single you out for victory, open doors, heal, protect, provide and promote you. May that be yours in Jesus name!
To have him consistently by your side and on your side, you need to confess any sins you have committed, invite Jesus to be savior of your soul, make Him Lord of your life and walk with Him in holiness.
May the God who fought for Joshua, lifted Joseph from the prison, fight for you, lift you and your loved ones; in this season in Jesus mighty name! Amen.
Is your ally with you?