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God's Solution Sanctuary
Saturday, April 04, 2020

2015 Prophecies: Year of Greatness

  • 1.2015 is a year of greatness.
  • 2.A year of supernatural greatness for the faithful.
  • 3.Pray against strange events like disappearance of people, villages/towns. It is a call for those still left here and alive to turn to the Lord.
  • 4.I will fight for you – as long as you belong to me.
  • 5.Your weeping will come to an end this year and joy will begin.
  • 6.Divine speed/acceleration for some.
  • 7.I will help you.
  • 8.Not only that your antagonists will be soundly defeated, but those helping your antagonists will be put to shame.
  • 9.On the International front pray against coups, at the national, local and family levels. Pray against disunity.