You are invited to a prayer meeting for people with special needs, their caregivers, family members etc. You can also stand in the gap for your loved one(s).
God's Solution Sanctuary
Friday, February 21, 2020
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How are you faring?



The purpose of a high priest is to intercede for you and help you win battles in life, family and destiny. Some people’s destiny has been truncated because there was no one interceding for them — Ask James who was beheaded by Herod. Someone said, How I wish there was a manual of life to live by. As Melchizedek celebrated with Abram, may I celebrate with you, may victory be your portion in Jesus mighty name. I prophesy that in the area of your greatest need, your need will be met. You will rejoice, you will not be put to shame, in Jesus mighty name! Amen! How are you faring in Him? How well are you and I interceding for others who need help? How have we been bringing the word of deliverance to the unsaved?


Give thanks to God for Jesus Christ: the highest eternal high priest who lives forever. Ask for grace to stand in the place of intercession, bringing good news to others; pray that your life will direct people to the kingdom and you will not be left behind. Cut off anything that may prevent you from getting to heaven. Pray for God's protection, that He will deliver you from and shield you from every evil attack and work. Pray on your personal prayer points.